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Osbrink Website: Osbrink

Located conveniently in Universal City, this top 10 Hollywood agency represents some of the most common faces seen today in film, television, commercials, voice-overs and print. With both youth and adult divisions, Osbrink is able to represent both young clients who are still developing their craft as well as distinguished, experienced adults.

Perhaps some of the most popular faces signed with Osbrink include Dakota Fanning, Tyler James Williams from ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and Ashlyn Sanchez (who played John Leguizamo’s daughter in ‘The Happening’). Some of their youth print stars have done big things like the Bodie triplets who appeared on the cover of W Magazine alongside Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. Osbrink’s Christian Cox and Madison Brown were featured with Ashlee Simpson in a Skecher’s ad, little Keydyn Eto was the latest face for Baby Guess’s recent campaign, Peyton Elder had her very first Baby Gap photo shoot, and Zolee Griggs had a face filled with something sweet when she appeared in a national Splenda ad!

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